Month: February 2022


Asylum Cooperation Agreement Honduras

The Asylum Cooperation Agreement Honduras (ACA), also known as the Safe Third Country Agreement, is a bilateral agreement between the United States and Honduras that was signed in September 2019. The agreement aims to regulate the flow of asylum seekers who are fleeing violence and poverty in Central America and seeking refuge in the […]


Design-Build Contract Example

Design-Build Contract Example: Key Elements for a Successful Project As the construction industry evolves, many owners and contractors are turning to a design-build contract to streamline the process and reduce construction time and costs. In a design-build contract, the owner hires one company (the contractor) to handle both the design and construction of the […]


Sag Short Film Agreement

SAG Short Film Agreement – A Comprehensive Guide for Filmmakers The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is a labor union representing film and television performers worldwide. One of the services that the SAG offers is the SAG Short Film Agreement, which is a contract between filmmakers and performers for low-budget productions. This agreement provides guidelines […]